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Do you:

  • Wish you could get through to your child?
  • Feel out of control and find yourself yelling all the time?
  • Second-guess the decisions you make for your child?
  • Feel unclear setting boundaries and expectations?
  • Often struggle with “mom guilt”?

The good news is your child doesn’t want a perfect mom – your child wants you. Transform your mothering from full of doubt to fully confident.

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What’s your natural “mom personality”?

Everyone has a personality, and that influences how you parent.
Take the MomType Finder and:
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  • Identify ways to connect meaningfully with your child.
  • Become more self-aware and confident as a mom.

Hey, MomFriend!

I Get It!

I’m a mom of four very different and wonderfully unique kids. And a grandmother of one adorable granddaughter!

I’m also a nurse, an accredited Enneagram practitioner, and MOPS International mentor and coach with 20 years of experience. I understand child development and family dynamics.

Through MomSense Coaching, I highlight your strengths and share specific ways you can use your natural tendencies to become a more comfortable and confident mom.

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What moms are saying


"I was in crisis mode when I sought out Erin’s help. As a single mom, fear paralyzed me and made it hard to make decisions about how to go forward. Erin helped me see other perspectives that I might not have considered. With four teenagers, there is no lack of “drama.” But I am able to take one “crisis” at a time and find gratitude for the privilege of parenting my beautiful children into adulthood. Having Erin as a coach has been invaluable."


"When I started coaching conversations with Erin, I was a newly married step-mom of two teenagers. I was so thankful I could share my frustrations and questions! Erin listened and didn’t always feel the need to “fix” the issues. Sometimes she simply acknowledged that this mom thing is hard. And that helped give me a sense of peace that I wasn’t alone or crazy! And to top it off, she’s funny!"


"When I met Erin, I was a new mom. I needed good mentorship as much as I needed sleep! Over the last 13 years, I have learned so much about myself and about parenting because of her wisdom. Most recently, she helped me see how my own personality and preferences affect how I parent my teenager, who is very different from me!"

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Rediscover who you really are.

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3 Steps to Becoming
a Better Mom

Most moms spend so much time comparing, second-guessing, trying, failing (really, it’s called “learning”), wishing, and hoping. It’s easy to fall prey to guilt when we forget crazy hair day at school, serve cereal for dinner, or let our temper get the best of us. We doubt our efforts to teach them, protect them, prepare them for the future. We stress over planning nutritious family meals, how much screen time they should have, which childcare you can trust, and whether their grades will hold them back from their dreams.  We live somewhere between exhausted and terrified.

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Helping you rediscover who you are by creating self-awareness using the Enneagram.